Here Are The Line Distributions Of All 7 Tracks On BTS’s “BE” Album

Just how evenly are their lines distributed these days?

BTS‘s latest album, BE, came out on November 20, and unsurprisingly, it has been very well-received and has sold well over 2 million copies already.

Because BTS is a very self-produced group, it’s interesting to take a look at their line distributions and see if they’re any more even than the lines of non self-producing groups. You would think they would be more even, but you might be surprised by some of their choices!

Each of the graphs below show the percentage of lines that each member has in each of the 7 tracks on the album, and the final graph shows the total percentage of lines that each member has in the album as a whole. “Skit” isn’t included because it’s audio, rather than a song.

1. “Life Goes On”

2. “Fly to My Room” (sub-unit song with Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, & V)

3. “Blue & Grey”

4. “Telepathy”

5. “Dis-ease”

6. “Stay” (sub-unit song with Jin, RM, & Jungkook)

7. “Dynamite”