BTS Are Always Dressed To Impress With Their Own Unique “Signature Styles”

All different, but all so good.

BTS members look fine all the time – but they each bring a different color to the group. Their fashion styles, aside from stage outfits and more so their “ootd” looks, are also unique to each member. Here is a simple “look book” of how each BTS member like to dress – and how their styles capture their personalities spot on. See which is your favorite out of these 7 equally amazing styles!


1. Jin

Jin is all about simplicity – but not the lazy kind. He’s a genius at pulling off the “sophisticated simple” style. While a lot of hoodies and denims make up his wardrobe, Jin manages to mix and match to dress up such casual items. With Thom Browne being one of his favorite brands, Jin’s style can best be described at “neat”. Like his warm and loving personality, pink is definitely his color!


2. Suga

Suga is a man of unrivaled feisty swag – and that shows in his fashion. His outfits are often making bold statements. Suga’s favorite picks come more from the street side and he always tops off with a beanie or a baseball cap. While Suga isn’t the tallest of K-Pop male idols, he knows how to dress to complement his height. Suga is definitely the hipster of the group, when it comes to fashion!


3. J-Hope

J-Hope has perhaps the widest range of fashion styles among BTS members. He can go from a complete K-Pop super star to that perfect boyfriend material in the blink of an eye. With his tremendous level of interest in the fashion world, J-Hope knows how to walk the fine line between outright fancy and subtly luxurious. Male ARMYs often find outfit inspirations from J-Hope’s many “boyfriend looks”.


4. RM

RM likes layers, just like the multilayers of personality that he has. While in the early debut days, he preferred monotonic fashion – now he works in splashes of color here and there. RM’s style can be described as the “peak of mix and match”. He knows how to have fun with the items he has in his closet AND he knows how to accessorize. RM’s outfits are often casual – but when combined with his physique and his visual, they end up looking semi-formal and simply modern chic.


5. Jimin

Jimin is the king of basics. While nothing about him is “basic”, he is smart and savvy at working with the most basic fashion items to create his signature “chic look”. Jimin likes to use simple colors and simple designs – but he also knows how to spice things up with unique items that only he can pull off. While Jimin’s styles look easy to copy, it is actually difficult to look as dressed up as he does with such basic items. That’s Jimin’s magic!


6. V

V‘s world of fashion is avant-garde, it is free-spirited, it is wild – it is unique. And that’s exactly like V himself. His fashion speaks exactly who he is. V likes patterns, textures, colors, and sizes. V can often be spotted experimenting with his outfits – mixing and matching different concepts and styles into what always turns out to become a wholesome look. It isn’t hard to realize that V’s styles are, essentially, as artistic and expressive as his personality is.


7. Jungkook

Jungkook is that one athlete boy who is always seen going everywhere in his favorite pair of tracksuits – but when he does dress up, boy does he dress up. Jungkook’s love for easy loungewear, like hoodies and sweatpants, will never diminish. But on days he wants to be fancy, he’ll be fancy! With Jungkook’s visual, it really doesn’t matter if he sports a hoodie or a leather jacket. He’s already good looking – the clothes are secondary!

Source: THEQOO