BTS Appeared In The “Bad Decisions” Music Video…But In 3 Ways Fans Didn’t Expect

These are the most memorable ones.

BTS‘s collaboration with American producer Benny Blanco and rapper Snoop Dogg, “Bad Decisions,” just dropped today, and it’s already a hot topic!

The music video had an eerily relatable plotline featuring Benny as a hardcore ARMY with a room decked full of BTS merch. Though the members themselves did not make a live appearance in the video, their photos did all the talking.

Check out some of the most memorable and unexpected moments below!

1. 2Seok (Jin and J-Hope)

First up, it was obvious that they had a favorite pairing in BTS—Jin and J-Hope, otherwise known as 2Seok. The two members didn’t just show up on the walls…

…their photograph was cut into a heart.

Many fans could definitely relate to this.

2. Jungkook

The best part about Jungkook’s appearance is that they didn’t even choose an official photograph of him.

It was actually past selfie that he took of himself! He looks amazing here, so it’s no wonder it was picked.

3. Suga

Last but certainly not the least, there’s a reason why fans are saying Suga seemed to be Benny’s favorite member. They claimed he appeared the most number of times throughout the video.

The most obvious time being during a snippet of the “Dynamite” MV! The members may not have been physically present, but they were still very much there.

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