6 Years Of BTS’s April Fool’s Day Pranks From 2014 To 2019

Here’s how BTS has celebrated April Fool’s Day each year.

BTS loves surprising ARMY on April Fool’s Day, just as much as ARMY loves to surprise them. Here’s how the members celebrated international prank day from 2014 until 2019.

1. 2014 – Princes, Pups, and Pranksters

On BTS’s first April Fool’s Day, their Twitter profile underwent a lot of changes. First, Jin‘s dog Jjanggu took over.

Then, J-Hope changed BTS’s Twitter profile photo to his photo…

…and tweeted, “Hello, this is J-Hope’s official Twitter account.”

The profile picture was then changed to this photo of Jin

…this drawing of Suga

…and this photo of V.

Speaking of V, he pretended he was a prince hiding his true identity in Seoul! He wrote, “I’m actually a prince in that big house, and the fruits behind me are from my house, and I’m a little hiding my identity when I come to Seoul, but I miss it.”

Jimin wasn’t about to let “Prince V” have all the fun. He changed the profile photo yet again to his own photo…

…then wrote this: “Tae-Tae is still taking over Twitter! Let’s push ~~ it away!!”

2. 2015 – Bangtan Girls and Kingsmen

On April Fool’s Day, BTS’s fan cafe changed its layout to this composite photo of the members dressed as girls. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

The name of BTS’s official Twitter account changed several times throughout the day. @bts_twt became Super Mario, Kim Jin, Jimin Mon, It’s Hope, Mini Moni, Tae Designer, and Tae Design.

At one point, BTS’s Twitter page looked like this…

…and Jin changed the profile photo to Mario’s!

Big Hit Entertainment also got into the April Fool’s Day spirit by giving their Twitter account a Kingsmen makeover.

3. 2016 – Twitter Takeover

In 2016, BTS messed with their Twitter account more than ever before! The members were constantly changing the account’s handle and layout, and each change was funnier than the last.

In addition to changing their name every five minutes, BTS tweeted out a whole herd of alpacas. It’s no wonder why Jin’s BT21 character RJ, an alpaca, was born a year later!

In addition to all of this, J-Hope and Suga posted a “SOPE” lip sync…

…that Jimin and Jungkook made fun of 20 minutes later.

4. 2017 – Tipsy Twins

Pranksters Jin and Jimin kicked off the celebrations by changing BTS’s Twitter layout to something a little more green. The profile name became “Not true, true (Previously BTS)”, referencing a Bangtan Bomb video, and the description says, “You don’t know who’s who, right?”.

They also posted these twinning photos.

V wasn’t about to miss out on the fun. He uploaded this photo of himself, changing BTS’s Twitter handle to “Music” and the profile description to “Music is my life”.

The best part might be this “tipsy” tweet!

5. 2018 – Beardtan Sonyeondan and Bang PD

2018 is perhaps BTS’s most iconic Apri Fool’s Day so far. It’s the year that I-ARMY created “Beardtan” by Photoshopping facial hair onto the members.

K-ARMY, on the other hand, flooded Twitter with ARMY Bombs.

What was BTS up to? They paid tribute to Bang Si Hyuk aka Bang PD on Twitter by changing their layout to his photo…

…and tweeting as him several times. “Hello, I’m Bang Si Hyuk.” 

“I took a picture of myself playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. How is it..^^ The bottom photo won because I chose paper.”

“Because paper won, I brought out scissors..^^ I prepared paper just in case ..^^”

Suga also jumped on Twitter to troll ARMY with wordplay. He said that he misses his hometown…a sugarcane field.

Let’s not forget how Jimin became president of the “NamJin” fan club by posting a link to a fake article about Jin and RM dating. Hashtags: #JIMIN #Hyungs_ILoveYouguys.

In reply, Jin took the best course of action. “I’m mad at Park Jimin, so I will write an acrostic poem about Bang Si Hyuk”.

“Bang: tansonyeondan creator. Shi: Hyuk is the best. Hyuk: hyung, thank you.” 

6. 2019 – Seafood, anyone?

Last year, Jin starred in BTS’s Twitter profile layout with a tiger prawn.

He held the prawn like a telephone, and changed the Twitter account’s description to match: “Hello?

Soon after, SOPE took over. “DM us for questions regarding events! We’re available to go anywhere within Korea!” the new layout says, “Korea is number one! We’re SOPE.