10 ARMY Dads Who Stan BTS Harder Than Their Kids Do

These awesome dads are all about the ARMY life.

Some dads don’t understand why their kids are crazy about BTS. Other dads are hardcore stans. Like, would-trade-in-their-kids-for-barricade-tickets-if-that-was-an-option stans. Check out how these 10 awesome dads show their ARMY colors!

1. The dad who can’t hear BS over BTS

2. The dad who gives his daughters updates about Jimin

3. Say annyeong to your new stepmom?

4. The dad who has his own stan account

This 33-year-old dad is all about the BTS life that has taken over his house, and the fandom loves him for it. He currently has over 20k followers, who probably all wish their own dad was this cool!

BTSARMYDAD tweets about the stress of buying tickets, participates in viral challenges, and more!

5. The dad who makes Jin jokes

6. Is he a Taekooker or…?

7. The dad who sends his kid BTS gifs on Snapchat

8. The dad who keeps getting bias-wrecked

9. Proof that even dads can’t escape The Jimin Effect

10. The dad who dropped everything to watch BTS’s new teaser — because priorities


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