10+ Crazy Things ARMYs Are Selling To Buy BTS Tickets

Everything from asthmatic lungs to Haitian goats is up for grabs.

On February 19, the first dates for BTS‘s Speak Yourself world tour were announced, sending ARMYs into a frenzy. Ticket sales begin on March 1, which means that fans only have a week to gather ticket funds. Here’s are 10+ crazy things ARMYs are (supposedly?) selling to buy the tickets they so desperately need!


1. This family ranch in Mexico


2. A used heart. Good condition. The only problem is that it gets soft for J-Hope.


3. These Haitian goats are actually a steal at $175 each!


4. Eggs, but we’re not sure which kind…


5. This millionaire starter kit


6. Friends and family members. Prices negotiable?


7. This home for nomadic living would come in handy while waiting in the GA ticket line


8. These asthmatic lungs come with a discount


9. Kidneys…


10. …kidneys…


11. …and more kidneys. Seriously, does anyone need a kidney? The supply is high!


12. Fans should stock up on these positive vibes for the Hunger Games — uh, we mean ticket sale days!


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