Top 3 Places In Korea That ARMYs Must Visit

It’s the ultimate ARMY experience.

If you are a BTS fan planning to travel to Korea anytime in the future, make sure to put these spots on your list! It’s the ultimate ARMY experience.


1. Yujeong Restaurant

On Rookie King Channel BTS which aired way back in 2013, BTS introduced this restaurant as one of their favorites. It was the restaurant they frequented the most during their trainee days, as their practice room was directly beneath the restaurant in the same building.

Here, the walls and even the ceiling is lined with BTS pictures and posters! Dolls and other fan goods also decorate the place. There’s even a designated “BTS table” that can be booked where BTS often sat at during their trainee days.

But the food is amazing too. The restaurant isn’t just loved by ARMYs; there are businessmen and workers who are regulars just for the food. Some K-ARMYs have even become regulars themselves after having tasted the food.

The most popular menu is “ssambap”, where spicy pork, various side dishes, kimchi, and rice are placed on a leaf vegetable, wrapped, and then eaten!


2. Ossu Seiromushi

Ossu Seiromushi is well-known by ARMYs as the restaurant owned by Jin’s older brother, Kim Seokjoong, and co-owned by Jin.

As the name suggests, Ossu Seiromushi specializes in Japanese cuisine. It is a little bit pricey, but ARMYs say that Ossu Seiromushi is not much different from an izakaya (Japanese pub) and the price is worth it.

ARMYs who have visited also say Jin’s older brother looks a lot like Jin!


3. Jumunjin Bus Stop

If you’re an ARMY, you’d recognize the Jumunjin bus stop straight away! Jumunjin bus stop features on BTS’s “Spring Day” music video and album photo for You Never Walk Alone.

It’s the perfect place to snap a beautiful shot and recreate BTS’s album photo with your own twist!

The Jumunjin lighthouse is also a popular photo zone for K-drama fans as the filming spot for Goblin.


Fans say that the memories they make while visiting these places are that much more special and meaningful, thanks to BTS. So ARMYs, are you ready to follow in the footsteps of BTS, quite literally?

Source: @SEO__1013 and @V_ble1013