4 Times BTS Made ARMYs’ Wishes Come True

V surprised an ARMY for #2!

BTS love ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) dearly, and there have been many moments where they made ARMYs’ wishes come true. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Jungkook poking his cheek and winking 

During a live broadcast, some ARMYs tried to playfully “trick” Jungkook into poking his right cheek and winking. The ARMYs told Jungkook that he couldn’t close his left eye and poke his right cheek simultaneously. Jungkook, however, knew what ARMYs were trying to do and didn’t fall for the “trick.”

This didn’t stop ARMYs, as they later asked Jungkook once again to poke his cheek and close his eye. This time, however, Jungkook gave ARMYs what they wanted.

Jungkook even did multiple cute poses!

2. V making an ARMY’s day

On Weverse, an ARMY asked fellow ARMYs for some pictures.

Those of you who have these kinds of pictures (from their trips or pretty much anything with 70% background and 30% person), could you please share them with me?#Help_Me_And_Get_Good_Luck_To_Score_First_Row_At_BTS_Concerts


| Weverse

This ARMY was in for a surprise, as V saw their message and decided to upload several pictures!

The ARMY who said something about first row at BTS concerts…? Here are your 70% background with 30% person pictures.

— V

BTS’s V | Weverse
| Weverse

After uploading the pictures, V left a simple message to the ARMY.

I uploaded some 👍

— V

| Weverse

Not only was the ARMY who left the original comment loving the pictures V uploaded, but other ARMYs were as well!

+ What… Am I dreaming right now?? Wow, I’m so grateful T-T I’ve always envied those ARMYs who got comments [from the members], but this! (Cries)


| Weverse

3. Jin’s “extravagant” fanservice

During a fansign, some fansites called Jin, and he decided to do some poses for them!

Jin did a mix of serious and comedic poses.

After posing, RM asked Jin if he wasn’t embarrassed, and Jin told RM that he was working hard!

4. Jimin leaving behind something sweet

A flight attendant once spoke about their chief manager’s heartwarming experience of being on the same flight as BTS.

[The chief manager told me] One time, they were placed on the same flight as BTS. Jimin was reading a book the entire flight, and he tidied up the pillow and blanket before he left.

— Flight attendant

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin realized that the chief manager was an ARMY, and while flight attendants aren’t allowed to ask for autographs, Jimin found a “loophole.”

Flight attendants aren’t allowed to do things like asking for an autograph, so they [chief manager] couldn’t ask Jimin, but Jimin realized they were his fan and left an autograph on his seat for them.

— Flight attendant