BTS Were Once Asked To Express Their Love For ARMY, Here’s How They Responded

This will touch your heart.

BTS‘s love for ARMY is truly incredible, as their relationship is a lot deeper than just artists and fans.

One time, the BTS members were asked to express their love for ARMYs, and they all gave heartwarming answers. Here’s how each member responded.

1. J-Hope

J-Hope stated that he’s always thinking about ARMYs and that he’s touched when fans send messages to them.

2. Jimin

Jimin wants to repay his love for ARMYs by showing that their love for ARMYs is deeper than the love ARMYs have for them.

3. Jin

Jin couldn’t answer the question, as he stated that the love between ARMYs and BTS can’t be explained in words.

4. Suga

Suga stated that he’s not the type of person to express his feelings, so he’s sometimes misunderstood. However, he wanted to let ARMYs know that he’s always thinking about them and is extremely thankful.

5. Jungkook

Jungkook wants to express his love to ARMYs by replying to all of their messages but admitted that he’s too shy to do something like this.

6. RM

RM is the type of person to express his emotions through words, so he tries to make sure that he tells ARMYs how much they mean to him. RM also hopes that the relationship ARMYs have with BTS goes further than just one between artists and fans.

7. V

V was the last member to speak and concluded by telling ARMYs that BTS will always work hard to become artists that they can be proud of.

Here’s the full video below!