15 Awkward BTS Photos That Prove They’re Just Like The Rest Of Us

These awkward BTS moments might make you feel better about your own.

The BTS members are handsome and chic, but even they have awkward moments that prove they’re no different from the rest of us. Here are 15 photos that captured that awkwardness perfectly.


1. We’re not sure what we love more about this snapshot: Suga’s manner hands or the look on his face.


2. RM was obviously not prepared for this.



3. Here is Jungkook, all dressed up and ready for prom.


4. Fans could have a lot of fun Photoshopping a fourth idol into this huge gap between Jin and Red Velvet’s Irene.


5. We’re exactly not sure what concept this pictorial was going for, but here it is.


6. Is this airport “PPAP” dance a little awkward? Maybe, but…


7. …is it fabulous? Definitely.


8. Welcome. First time with Worldwide Handsome?


9. “Another trophy, my hands carry ’em / Too many that I can’t even count ’em”


10. Sometimes RM is just too tall.


11. Jimin has the opposite problem.


12. Nothing to see here, folks. Just two guys sailing on a unicorn float. Move along.


13. RM, looking like he’s just been called up to read in front of the class.


14. Nothing is more adorkably awkward than BTS’s iconic family portraits.



15. BONUS: J-Hope’s and Jin’s accidental kiss will never be forgotten!


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