6 Times Bang Si Hyuk Lived The Y/N Life With His Besties, BTS

We’d trade him places if we could.

BTS‘s boss, Bang Si Hyuk, must have saved a country in his past life. Not only did he build a music empire and form BTS, but he’s also living a y/n life that ARMY can only dream of! Here are some of his best bestie moments.

1. When he went on a dinner date with J-Hope

Last year, J-Hope shared an adorable clip from their outing at the French restaurant L’impression in Seoul.

J-Hope and Bang Si Hyuk | @bts_twt/Twitter

Were we jealous? Maybe, but it doesn’t get much cute than this!

2. He cooked a meal for the one and only “Eat Jin”

On Weverse, Jin shared photos of Bang Si Hyuk cooking dinner for him.

| Weverse

Hahaha our hyung is making food for me

— Jin

In the comments, Jin affectionally called Bang Si Hyuk “hyung” (older brother) and “Cutie Hitman Bang.” 

Cutie Hitman Bang

— Jin

He also posted these must-save selfies!

| Weverse
| Weverse

3. This emotional phone call

When BTS’s “Dynamite” became the first K-Pop song to top the Billboard “Hot 100” chart, Bang Si Hyuk couldn’t contain his emotions. BTS couldn’t resist teasing him about “crying” on the phone.


He ended the call by telling BTS that he loved them. They love him just as much — and so do we!

| BANGTANTV/YouTube   

4. When he became just another ARMY in the crowd

At a Muster fan event in Seoul, fans spotted none other than Bang Si Hyuk living his best ARMY life.

He bought merch and enjoyed some snacks, all while giving off “main character” energy. There is no doubt that this “ordinary ARMY” is BTS’s most successful fan!

5. When he got the birthday present every fan wants

During a live broadcast, Jin called Bang Si Hyuk to wish him a happy birthday. “Ahhhh PD-nim!” Jin exclaimed when Bang Si Hyuk answered. “Happy Birthday! What are you doing? You’re in bed?”

The time was approximately 11:00 PM. “How could you be sleeping already when you’re the busiest person in Korea?” Jin teased. “Oh, you have to wake up early tomorrow?” 


“Anyway, PD-nim,” Jin said, after putting the birthday boy on speaker. “Why are you going to bed this early on your birthday night? Would you like me to come over right now?!”  (Can we come too, please?)


6. When he flaunted photocards like it’s his job

During HYBE‘s latest conference, Bang Si Hyuk showed off his collection of coveted BTS photocards. Now, he’s on ARMY’s rob list!

| HYBE Labels/Youtube