Here Are 10+ Of BTS’s Best Choreographies, According To Fans

What’s your favorite BTS choreography?

BTS has so many great choreographies that it’s hard for ARMYs to pick a favorite!

BTS | @IFPI_org/Twitter

An ARMY on Reddit recently asked fellow fans to name their top 5 BTS choreographies. Here are 10+ of Reddit ARMYs’ picks!

1. “DNA”

This is such a great choreography! We especially love when they all point to their arms while singing “DNA!”

2. “Fake Love”

The “Fake Love” choreography is full of raw emotion and beautiful moments. We especially love the puppet-like parts of the dance and the beautiful ending pose.

3. “Blood Sweat & Tears”

This choreography will forever be iconic! Basically, the entire chorus is a killing part!

4. “ON”

“ON” is simply amazing! The dance break always has our jaws on the floor.

5. “Butter”

There’s something so pleasing about the “Butter” choreography. It’s impossible to not dance along with BTS while watching them perform this song!

6. “Not Today”

“Not Today” is so underrated! We’ll never be over Jungkook‘s slow-motion forward roll. How does he do that?!

7. “Spring Day”

The “Spring Day” lyrics deservedly get lots of attention for their beauty, but the choreography deserves attention, too! The dance perfectly matches the vibe of the song and expresses the lyrics beautifully.

8. “Idol”

The “Idol” choreography is super intense! The choreography is full of killing parts, like their perfectly executed spins.

9. “Boy With Luv”

“Boy with Luv” is so iconic! Every time the members perform this song, they look like they truly enjoy the choreography!

10. “Spine Breaker”

We can’t thank Jin enough for creating this choreography!

11. “Baepsae”

The “Baepsae” hip thrusts never fail to make ARMYs scream!

12. “Fire”

“Fire” is definitely a fan favorite! The dance break never gets old.

13. “Black Swan”

“Black Swan” is too beautiful for words! The choreography really captures the essence of the lyrics.

14. “Mic Drop”

“Mic Drop” is so great! Their body rolls during the dance break definitely live in our minds rent free.

Source: Reddit