Top 30+ Fan Photos That Captured BTS’s Unbreakable Friendship In 2018

These photos immortalized their friendship.

With every year, BTS‘s one of a kind friendship continues to grow and shine, just like their music. Here, in no particular order, are 30+ fan taken photos that captured BTS’s friendship in a single snapshot.


1. When they posed for this group photo


2. And this one…


3. When RM got all of the (weird and wonderful) love


4. When they took this bow


5. When this casual moment between Jimin and Jungkook was captured at a fan meeting


6. When they hugged it out in front of thousands of ARMYs


7. When Jimin smiled at V’s silliness…


8. …then pulled him into a sweet hug


9. When Jungkook hugged J-Hope from behind


10. When Jimin hugged Jungkook during an emotional moment at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong…


11. …and J-Hope too!


12. When they all embraced, after Jin revealed that they’d considered disbanding…


13…earlier in the year


14. When Jungkook became V’s hyung…


15. This priceless contrast between Jin’s, J-Hope’s, and Suga’s personalities


16. When RM and Suga shared this on-stage moment with an injured Jungkook, during a performed where he had to stay seated


17. When Jungkook latched onto J-Hope….


18. …during their LOVE YOURSELF: World Tour


19. When RM and Jimin played around during a show


20. …and V and Jimin gave it their all for “Love Myself”


21. When Jin had eyes for V, but V only had eyes for RJ


22. When they wore these hilarious outfits for their annual Muster


23. When V and Jin were just being themselves


24. When this snapshot turned into a proud father and son portrait


25. When RM chatted with Jin during an awards show


26. When Jungkook showed his leader all the love


27. This beautiful moment between two official rappers, and one honorary one


28. When they wore these hilarious joke shirts out in public


29. When Jimin failed to photobomb Jungkook’s selfie


30. When the maknaes showed their love for ARMY


31. This precious awards show snap