Here Are 5 Of BTS’s Best Reactions To ARMY’s Marriage Proposals

*Most* are quite wholesome!

Considering their handsome looks and charming personalities, it definitely makes sense that ARMYs everywhere have thought about what it would be like to marry their favorite member of BTS at least once. However, some fans have taken it a step further to make their dreams a reality and sent marriage proposals to their bias directly!

BTS have received many confessions of love over the years, so here five of their best reactions to marriage proposals by ARMYs:

1. RM

When an ARMY said “Let’s get married!” during a livestream, RM endearingly responded that if it ever actually happened, they would have to visit his mother often! It’s incredibly sweet that his first instinct is to care about his parents and significant other having a loving relationship.

2. Jin

Jin is amazing at telling it like it is, and this poor ARMY’s hopes were dashed in the blink of an eye! After reading out that someone sent him a “Marry me!” message while streaming, Jin immediately responded with a hilarious “No can do!”

3. Suga

Known for his way with words as an incredible songwriter, it’s no surprise that Suga was able to come up with a witty comeback to his admirer. When an ARMY commented “Please marry me!” on his livestream, he looked into the camera with a mischievous smirk and said “Bring the legal documents.” At least it wasn’t a no!

4. Jimin

During his own personal stream, Jimin became adorably flustered when an ARMY said “I purple you Jimin, I love you so much. Marry me, please!” He laughed cutely and told them that he would need to ask his father and mother first.

5. Jungkook

With a simple “Marry me,” sent by an army while Jungkook was livestreaming, he began to really consider everything that would need to be done such as the paperwork and meeting their family. At the end of his thought process, he gazes at the camera with his sparkling eyes and a dazzling smile.

BONUS: Suga’s Recent Disgust

In BTS’s livestream on June 29th, Suga was more than shook by a fan’s proposal in front of all of the other members.

How would you propose to BTS?