10+ Touching Moments Between BTS And Their BigHit Entertainment Family

They’re always there for each other.

ARMYs already know that BTS and the BigHit Entertainment staff aren’t just co-workers; they’re a family that supports, loves, and cheers each other on. Many staff members have been with BTS since the very beginning and have watched them transform from rookies into global superstars. BTS frequently makes a point of thanking their staff and letting them know how much their support is appreciated too. Here are 10+ special moments from this very special family!


1. When Slow Rabbit cried tears of joy

When BTS won “Artist of the Year” at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, producer Slow Rabbit broke down in tears. He and several other staff members witnessed this major win together. As soon as BTS was named the winner, Slow Rabbit started to cry and couldn’t stop, no matter how much the others teased him!


2. When BTS sang at their manager’s wedding

In July, BTS attended Manager Song Hobeom’s wedding as guests, and performed “DNA” for the newly wed couple.


3. When BTS escorted Son Sung Deuk up to the stage

It’s no secret that BTS adores Son Sung Deuk, the choreographer responsible for creating many of the group’s iconic dances. Son Sung Deuk has been working with BTS since their rookie days and, as such, has become both an invaluable dance coach and an older brother to them.

When Son Sung Deuk won “Style of the Year” at the 6th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, BTS escorted him to the stage while Jungkook acted as his loyal bodyguard.

They couldn’t have been happier for him!

After all, he deserved it!


4. When Jungkook wrote thank yous to every staff member

Each time BTS releases a new album, the members include thank you letters addressed to their members, family, and staff. In Jungkook’s Young Forever letter, he said kind things about each and every staff member, even the ones he was just starting to get to know.


5. When the staff cheered on BTS at the Seoul Music Awards

These staff members didn’t attend the Seoul Music Awards, but that didn’t stop them from supporting their favourite boys from afar. They gathered in the studio to watch the show and cheered when BTS won a daesang!


6. When BTS and the staff created a special birthday video for J-Hope

In 2014, J-Hope‘s beloved members and staff filmed a compilation of birthday greetings to make his day extra special.

They included birthday wishes from J-Hope’s family members…

…and prepared a special cake too.

Needless to say, by the end of it, J-Hope was in tears!


7. When the staff took care of Jungkook after he collapsed

During BTS’s WINGS tour in Chile, Jungkook collapsed from heat related exhaustion. The incident frightened his members, since nothing like that had ever happened to their healthy maknae before. Luckily, the staff was there to look after him.

BTS’s body conditioning team acted quickly to stabilize Jungkook.

They also lifted his spirits by teasing him when he refused to take off his socks!


8. When BTS jokingly called out their CEO

BTS have a close relationship with BigHit Entertainment’s CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, whom many fans consider the unofficial 8th member of BTS.

Many ARMYs were introduced to Bang Si Hyuk, aka “PD-nim”, during an episode of American Hustle Life. In this episode, and Suga playfully shouted out their complaints against Bang Si Hyuk…

…and he sassed them right back!


9. When this staff noona became the mother of 7 boys

In Malaysia, BTS went sailing on a banana boat, but their ride didn’t get off to a smooth start. When J-Hope tried to lower himself onto the banana boat, he failed to bridge the distance. In that moment, one staff noona shouted at BTS to help J-Hope, but they found it more fun to watch him struggle!


10. Every single time BTS teased Bang Si Hyuk

BigHit Entertainment is one big family, and like any family, they show their love by driving each other crazy.

BTS has teased Bang Si Hyuk countless times by doing things like imitating him…

…and drawing hilarious pictures of him!


11. When BTS accompanied Bang Si Hyuk on stage

All teasing aside though, BTS and Bang Si Hyuk truly appreciate each other. Their mutual love and respect was never more obvious than it was when Bang Si Hyuk won “Producer of the Year”.