10 Times BTS Made ARMY Swoon With Their Lethal Body Rolls

They’re the kings of body rolls!

All the BTS members masterfully execute each and every one of their choreographies!

BTS | BTS/Weverse

While the members perfectly perform each and every move, there’s truly something special about their body rolls!

Here are 10 times the BTS members nearly killed us with their deadly body rolls!

1. We’ll never be over the “Mic Drop” dance break

This dance break is lethal! ARMY is always wowed by how it looks like Jungkook is controlling J-Hope‘s hips!

2. Suga’s “Fake Love” body roll

Have you ever seen a body roll look so emotional?!

3. The perfect balance of sharpness and smoothness

Jungkook’s body rolls are immaculate!

4. We wouldn’t survive seeing this in person

No thoughts, head empty–just Jimin‘s body rolls on a loop!

5. Still not over RM’s “Boy With Luv” body rolls

We love when RM’s feeling himself on stage!

6. Jin is literally killing us here

We can’t handle these body rolls!

7. Just over here screaming over J-Hope’s body control

He’s the king of body rolls!

8. Literally no words for this

The body rolls, the smile, the fluffy hair! We will NEVER be over this!

9. “I Need U” is absolutely everything

Those body rolls are so in sync it’s mind-blowing!

10. Forever replaying this “Carpool Karaoke” moment

We need more moments like this during BTS’s TV appearances!