15 BTS “Breaking News” Stories, As Reported By ARMY

These funny fake news tweets will make you wish they were real.

BTS news comes out every day, but nobody tells it better than the fans themselves. Here are 15 fake (?) news stories reported by and for ARMY on Twitter. Warning: These reports might be “biased”!

1. The reason for Jin’s alleged neck pain

2. “Min Holly is shaking.”

3. Does Jin approve?

4. RM’s back injury

5. Welcome to the club

6. Technical difficulties

7. World’s cutest baby, officially

8. Jin, taking “Beardtan” to the next level

9. The ultimate ship?

10. Snickers’ skyrocketing sales

11. Only the “leaving” part is fake news

12. Dispatch confirming what ARMY already knows

13. V and Jimin’s true identities

14. Eating CDs

15. Who let the dogs (go) out?