20 “Bullied By ARMYs” Tweets That Will Probably Make BTS Sigh In Exasperation

Let the clownery begin.

If there’s anything that ARMYs love more than BTS, it’s clowning each other. This humorous fandom never passes up the chance for a laugh — even at their own expense. Recently, fans took over the #BulliedByARMYs hashtag on Twitter to joke about their run-ins with fellow ARMYs. (Don’t worry. This “bullying” is all in good fun!)

BTS members Jungkook (left) and V (right) | Weverse

1. Little typo, big mistake

2. How not to comfort an ARMY

3. If “Louder Than Bombs” is the key to freedom, she’s never getting out.

4. Leave Mang alone!

5. If you want to see a real fight, call “Spring Day” and “Ddaeng” out to the schoolyard.

6. This extremely uncalled for poem

7. The Great Mango Debate

8. Purple Tomatoes

9. Hello, Dispatch?

10. Run away! Run!

11. What if it won?

12. When this whale sold out faster than BTS tickets

13. Beethoven sunbaenim?

14. Justice for “Paradise”

15. First “Taechwita,” now this:

16. This news-worthy robbery

17. Same, ARMY, same.

18. The Lilac Lieutenants

19. The viral hit that Jin instantly regretted

20. Sorry not sorry?