Here’s 20+ Of The Best ARMY Reactions To BTS’s “Butter” Concept Photos Version 2

BTS went from being police officers to criminals!

BTS became “criminals undercover” in version 2 of the concept photos for their “Butter” single release. The members posed for a police lineup or identity parade, having stolen the hearts of ARMYs everywhere!

Here are 20+ of the best ARMY reactions to “Butter” concept photos version 2…

1. This took an interesting turn of events

2. What do you think BTS went to jail for?

3. When I say I like “bad boys…”

4. This awesome edit

5. She is all of us

6. Praying for y’all

7. Their impact. Wow!

8. It’s giving us Wattpad vibes, and we’re not even mad.

9. How did we get here?

10. Those heart-shaped cuffs are the best fashion accessory

11. Merch drop when?

12. 🎶You got me in chains, you got me in chains for your love🎶

13. Take responsibility for your actions, BTS.

14. This theory

15. Who planning to bail them out?

16. This Brooklyn Nine-Nine reference

17. Jin is living his best life

18. J-Hope always understands the assignment

19. Jungkook with rolled-up sleeves is the best look

20. We know who tipped off the police

21. When will we rest?

22. All men do is lie

23. This should truly be illegal

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