10+ Coolest Scenes From BTS’s “Butter” Cooler Remix Music Video

#8 is a testament to their friendship.

BTS slayed in the newest version of their recent hit single “Butter.” The “Cooler Remix” was more laid back than the original music video, and it definitely had its own memorable moments.

Check them out below!

1. Jungkook’s Entrance

Jungkook made everyone sit up and pay attention when he entered like a “criminal undercover.”

2. V’s Hotness

V was hot like summer with his relaxed dance moves and heart-stopping wink.

3. Jin’s Chill Attitude

Flicking his jacket and walking backwards were just some examples of Jin‘s chill and attractive attitude.

4. The Chaotic Chorus

Everyone was all over the place…and it was the best.

5. Waves

BTS had the cutest little wave dance when they sang, “To remind me you got it bad.”

6. Jimin’s Solo

Speaking of body waves, Jimin showed off a slick dance during his solo.

7. J-Hope’s Solo

J-Hope also put on a memorable show with his powerful dance break.

8. Jimin’s Push

When Jungkook danced in his own fun way, Jimin playfully pushed him to the side. That’s friendship, alright!

9. The Rap

Swag is in the house! Suga and RM lit the set on fire with their charismatic rap parts.

10. Hops

Jungkook’s big jump and V’s small hops right after were arguably the most adorable parts of the video!

11. V’s Coolness

At one point, V just sat down on the floor and sang his line. What a mood. 😂

12. The End

Until the very end, they were a chaotic bunch. The members definitely know how to have fun!

In contrast, check out some of their hottest scenes in the “Hotter Remix” below!

10 Times BTS’s Jungkook Put The “Hot” In The “Hotter” Butter Remix

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