10 Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s “Butter” At The 2022 GRAMMYs

Did you spot them all?

ARMYs anticipated a next-level performance at the 2022 GRAMMYs, and BTS did not disappoint! They went above and beyond expectations while putting a new twist on “Butter.” Here are 10 details you might have missed during the show!

1. BTS are art thieves. “Butter” is their heist.

See those paintings in the background? These smooth criminals make them disappear one by one as they dance…


…and later replace those artworks with their own.

2. The lyrics

After stealing the paintings, BTS vandalized the gallery walls with lyrics from their past hits, including “FIRE” and “DOPE.”

3. The statues

If you’re getting “Dionysus” vibes from the statues in BTS’s gallery, you’re not alone! “Dionysus” could very well be one of the past works BTS referenced during their performance.

4. BTS’s tag

Who pulled off this historic heist? BTS boldly credited themselves. “BTS” can be seen spray-painted over the lyrics.

5. Jungkook’s photo

BTS took us back to 2015 with behind-the-scenes photos from their “I NEED U” sketch. In one frame, Jungkook sits alone in a back alley.

Jungkook | BigHit Music/Facebook

6. Jimin’s photo

Here, Jimin burns a page while sitting in the bathtub from “I NEED U” MV.

Jimin | BigHit Music/Facebook

7. RM’s photo

This photo of RM walking down train tracks is also from the “I NEED U” photo sketch.

RM | BigHit Music/Facebook

8. Jin & Suga’s photos

Suga appears surrounded by flames in his “I NEED U” hotel set.

Suga | BigHit Music/Facebook

The photo on the left could possibly be a photo of Jin peering out a window. He does in several music videos, including “I NEED U.”

Jin | BigHit Music/Facebook

9. This silhouette

Although it’s difficult to make out, this photo might also be a moment from BTS’s “I NEED U” photo sketch.

| BigHit Music/Facebook

10. Concert photos

In addition to their HYYH-era photos, BTS also included photos from their past concerts and tours. Hopefully, BigHit Music will upload a high-quality video of BTS’s performance so we can take a closer look!

Watch BTS perform “Butter” at the GRAMMYs here: