10+ Of The Best Moments From BTS’s “Butter” Jacket Shooting Sketch  

From the car wash to the beach, here are 10+ moments you need to see.

Ever since BTS dropped the concept photos for their Butter CD, fans have been waiting for the jacket shooting sketch. Now, it’s finally here! These are 10+ of the best behind-the-scenes moments that everyone should see.

1. Jungkook making Lifeguard Jin’s job way harder than it needs to be

2. Professor Min’s history lessons

Cars? Fish? Beaches? He knows everything.

3. One kiss coming right up!

4. Suga’s kitten-like reaction to the cold ocean waves

5. Jimin and Jungkook being #FriendshipGoals

6. V’s look of pure betrayal when Jimin took away the watermelon

7. RM’s reaction to these “criminals”

8. The bunny behind the wheel

9. Jimin and Jungkook’s backstory for RM

10. The stylist who saved a country in her past life

11. The makeup artist who was just trying to do her job

Why stand still when you can vibe to Bruno Mars instead?

12. Fisherman Jin getting super excited about fish

Watch the full video here: