BTS’s Top 10 Chaotic Behind-The-Scenes Moments From “Butter Karaoke”

Welcome to the circus.

If you thought BTS‘s “Butter” karaoke was wild, just wait until you see all the hilarity that went down during filming. Here, in no particular order, are 10 of the best behind-the-scenes moments!

1. J-Hope’s popcorn sneak attack

Would you like some “Butter” with that snack?

2. The chaotic clip you have to watch at least seven times…

…to know what all seven members are doing.

3. The greatest two-man band in history

Introducing, Tamborine Supreme…

…and Dapper Clapper!

4. Jungkook abusing Jimin’s poor hat

Plushies are never safe around him!

5. The clown twins’ biggest fans

JiminJ-Hope, and are the best cheerleaders you can ask for!

6. Jungkook and RM being the dynamic duo…

…feat. RM’s pitchy vocals.

7. Jin yeeting his sunglasses

Look out, staff! Incoming projectiles.

8. Suga screeching his heart out

The Shooky hat makes it ten times more entertaining.

9. Whatever Jimin is doing

He’s feeling the beat, that’s for sure!

10. When J-Hope sang way off-key

That’s the whole point of karaoke, right?

Watch the full video here: