10 Smooth Pick Up Lines To Spread During BTS’s “Butter” Era

Use these icebreakers…or butter yet, don’t.

News of BTS‘s new digital single, “Butter,” has just started to spread, but it’s already sparking memes, puns…and pick up lines. If you’re looking for some truly cringy icebreakers for the “Butter” era, you’ve found them.

BTS’s Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse

1. Are you butter?

Because you churn me on.

2. You must be butter because…

…you’re delicious, salty, and bad for my health.

3. What do you have in common with “Butter” and BTS?

Ownership of my bank account.

4. There’s no margarine of error…

…when it comes to our love.

5. You make my heart…


6. We’re like bread and butter…

…you can’t have one without the other.

Jungkook (left) and J-Hope (right)

7. You must be butter because…

…I just can’t get enough of you.

8. Are you butter? Because you make me…


9. You are my…

…butter half.

10. Like butter, you make my heart…

…skip a beat.


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