10+ BTS Moments That Will Give ARMYs A Nostalgia High

“Adios middle school…”

From prestigious awards to international recognition, BTS have achieved so much in such a short time that it’s hard to believe they’ve only been around since 2013. Here are 10+ legendary moments that will take ARMYs back in time to the old days that seem so long ago now!


1. “Let’s introduce BANGTAN ROOM”

In one of BTS’s first ever predebut videos, RM (known then as Rap Monster) gave fans a tour of BTS’s small group studio, while rapping about it.

Nowadays, BTS no longer lives in their old dorm, and each of the members has their own spaces to create in. In RM’s, fans can see his impressive collection of KAWS Collection figurines in the background.


2. “Graduation Song”

In February 2013, just a few months before BTS made their official debut with “No More Dream”, BigHit Entertainment dropped “Graduation Song”. In it, JungkookJimin, and J-Hope perform a cover of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa‘s song “Young, Wild and Free” using their own lyrics. The song is about the members’ graduation from school and moving on to something new. Many fans believe that it also represents BTS’s graduation from trainees to idols.


3. BTS’s video logs

Old school ARMYs can still remember checking their YouTube subscription box for new BTS video logs. From 2013 to 2015 the members used to record these videos in their group studio on a semi-regular basis to keep fans updated.

Now BTS has switched over to recording longer, live broadcasts on their Vlive channel. Sometimes these videos are filmed in studio, other times they are filmed in hotel rooms while BTS is out touring the world.


4. The trot and opera versions of “N.O”

These hilarious covers of BTS’s 2013 hit “N.O” are legendary in the BTS fandom. In this backstage video, Jungkook sings the chorus of their hip-hop track in trot style, then he’s joined by the other members for an operatic version.

BTS ends the last note of their “N.O” opera perfectly in sync!


5. BTS reading fan letters

This early “Bangtan Bomb” shows Jimin delivering fan mail to his members. Little did BTS know that these letters would be the first of thousands, maybe even millions, from fans who have fallen in love with their music.


6. Jimin’s sexy dance lesson

In December 2013, Jimin taught ARMYs (and his members) how to dance to Justin Timberlake‘s “Sexyback”. His lesson included hip swaying…

…two stepping…

…and extreme body rolls!


7. J-Hope’s magic show

Speaking of sexy, Jimin experienced a bit of a wardrobe malfunction in this classic clip when he magically jumped out of J-Hope’s phone.

Each time J-Hope shook his phone, a member appeared out of thin air!


8. Backstage girl group dance covers

One of BTS’s favourite backstage activities was covering girl group dances behind the scenes. Some of these covers include  “Something”…

…”Full Moon”…

…and “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”.


9. Jungkook’s lip syncs

Jungkook has given ARMYs many gorgeous song covers over the years, but he’s also made some truly epic lip syncs, such as this hardcore Linkin Park performance…

…and this costumed “A Guy Like Me” lip sync.


10. The hallway runway

In 2014, BTS put on this impromptu fashion show for fans by using an empty hallway as their runway.

Each member strutted his stuff, then struck hilarious poses.


11. BTS’s “rhythmical farce”

BTS has had a number of iconic dance moves since debut, and in 2015 this one became a fan favourite.

This Bangtan Bomb could also be entitled “BTS leaves Suga hanging” because when Suga tries to join in everyone walks away!