10 BTS “Cursed” Edits That REALLY Should Not Exist

Click at your own risk!

If you’re in the mood to destroy your sanity in five minutes or less, you’ve come to the right place. ARMY’s weird (and mildly terrifying) “cursed” BTS edits will leave you wondering: why? Proceed at your own risk!

1. Suga’s smile

Whoever edited this toothy smile onto Suga’s face must want us all to be insomniacs. After seeing this, we might never sleep again.

| @SynthiaJung/Twitter

If it makes you feel better, here’s the original. Much cuter!

Suga | @bts_twt/Twitter


Who is responsible for turning handsome into nightmare fodder? I just want to talk.

V | @blueandgreytae/Twitter

3. This abomination

Someone decided to find out what Jungkook would look like as a human emoji. The results are horrifying.

4. J-Kardashian

There is so much going on in this edit of J-Hope as Kim Kardashian. For one thing, the editor went to the effort of adding earrings. No one can ever accuse ARMY of skimping on details!

| @runchnochu/Twitter

5. The bodyswap that never should have happened

Choose your fighter: GiantTAN or Tiny Chim.

| @aesthetexbts/Twitter

6. The Beardtan edit that went too far

The mustache was more than enough, but that mullet? The hairpiece? That’s next-level.

| @vanirhaeXen/Twitter

7. Frozen: BTS Edition

This shouldn’t exist, but if it did…we might watch it.

8. RapMontana

RM‘s face says it all.

| @ursolovley/Twitter

9. Another smile to haunt your dreams

Editing Worldwide Handsome Jin into Worldwide Horror isn’t illegal…but it should be.

10. Yoongi “The Rock” Johnson

Well, Suga did say he wanted to come back as a rock in his next life…

| @ursolovley/Twitter