These BTS “Deepfake” Edits Take Fan Videos To The Next Level

Here’s what the members would look like as K-Drama heroes (and heroines).

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see BTS star in your favorite K-Dramas? Some creative fans have brought these fantasies to life with “deepfakes”.

“Deepfakes” are complex video edits that take the face of one person and put it on the face of another person. If done properly, the face of the first person seamlessly takes on the facial expressions of the other person, making it seem like they are starring in a movie or TV show that they haven’t actually been in.

Most deepfake technology isn’t readily available to the average user yet, but there are some face-swap apps out there, like China’s Zao app, that fans have tried out on their favorite idols. Check out these BTS Zao edits!

1. Suga as K-Drama heroine “Min Yoonji”

Suga‘s famous female alter ego from Run BTS! makes a comeback in these K-Drama clips.

2. V as Leonardo DiCaprio

Can’t you see him starring in a Titanic remake?

3. Jungkook as a historical K-Drama hero

4. V and Suga as Japanese high school girls

5. World Wide Handsome just became “World Wide Beautiful”

6. V as a timeless romance lead

7. More Min Yoonji? Yes, please!

8. Make way for actor Kim Seokjin!

9. Suga and Jin starring in Weightlifting Fairy

Source: Bilibili