10 Times “Dionysus Jungkook” Slayed Mortals With A Single Look

WARNING: May cause a blissful death.

BTS‘s “Dionysis” is one of the greatest gifts that ARMYs have received in 2019. Party anthem? Check. Greek god theme? Double check. Hot choreography? Sexy suits? Enough charisma to strike you dead? Yes, please! All the members embody the Greek god of partying in their own way, and this is how Jungkook does it.


1. When he dances, fire literally meets fire.


2. Floofy hair swish? We’re all about it.


3. High fiving yourself has never looked this cool.


4. Every single dance move is pure strength and…


5. ERROR. Koreaboo.exe has stopped working. System overheating. Shutting down in 3, 2, 1…


6. …and we’re back online, thanks to this move. It gives us life.


7. Let’s be honest. Greek god Jungkook is dangerous for everybody‘s health…


8. …especially ARMY’s!


9. This. This is why.


10. Mortals just can’t handle this much power.