20 Hilariously Savage Reasons Why Haters Dislike BTS Songs, According To ARMY

“If you dislike BTS, then maybe…”

On TwitterBTS fans are listing the reasons why haters might, hypothetically, dislike BTS’s music. Here are 20 of the funniest “if you dislike” tweets so far!

BTS’s Jin (left) and Jungkook (right).

1. “Life Goes On”…or not?

2. Geese can also relate

3. I hope you brought a lifeboat…

4. “So watch me bring the fire…”

5. How to offend zombies in 10 words or less:

6. Do your thang. Do. It.

7. In the words of Jin, “Go hospital plz”

8. It’s time to call tech support for emotional support

9. “Hello, my alien…”

10. Prepare to be a-mazed

11. Still (not) with you

12. Time to delete Instagram…and yourself?

13. Well, that escalated quickly

14. Only the facts!

15. GTFO of “Ma City”

16. Identity crisis coming in 3, 2, 1…

17. In other words, grow up

18. “I NEED U” to have taste

19. Go ahead, hit the snooze

20. Peace out, peasant!

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