BTS Are Visual Kings In 40+ New HD Photos For Naver x Dispatch

Each member shows two contrasting looks in this shoot for Dicon magazine.

Naver x Dispatch have released 40+ new HD BTS photos for the 10th issue special edition of Dicon magazine. Check them out!

1. RM

RM wears a cozy white sweater and a red and black outfit in his photo set.

2. Jin

Worldwide Handsome Jin lives up to his nickname in chic, brown leather and bright whites.

3. Suga

These photos are the perfect Christmas gift for fans who have been missing Suga during his recovery from shoulder surgery.

4. J-Hope

Dance leader J-Hope gives fans the best of Hope World by showing his bright, bubbly side, and his sophisticated, serious side.

5. Jimin

“Serendipity” prince Jimin or CEO Park Jimin? Why choose when you can save both to your collection?

6. V

“Visuals” starts with the letter “V”. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

7. Jungkook

The Golden Maknae serves us the innocence of youth and a classic rockstar look in his photo set.