20 ARMYs Who Are THIS CLOSE To Divorcing Their Spouses For BTS

There can only be one.

Dear spouses of the world, if you value your marriage (and your personal safety), do not come between your beloved and BTS. It won’t end well. Here are 20 ARMYs who are ready to risk it all for the boys!

1. Famous last words

2. “You’ll talk to me in front of a judge…”

3. He has one job

4. “I love my husband, but…”

5. Wife or “Dynamite?”

6. Ask stupid questions, get brutally honest answers.

7. This absolute legend

8. This flex

9. Refund, please?

10. Dream vs Reality

11. There’s only one way to find out.

12. He’s skating on thin ice…

13. He kicked her out of the fandom, so she kicked him out of their marriage.

14. This unacceptable shade

15. Do you want the true answer or the nice one?

16. Goodbye!

17. This just isn’t allowed

18. Get this man some divorce papers…and glasses.

19. This backup plan

20. Dear future husband…