BTS’s Bedroom Remix Of “Dynamite” Proves There Are 2 Kinds Of People

Fans are interpreting this new remix in two hilariously different ways.

BTS just announced a new Bedroom remix for “Dynamite”, and let’s just say ARMYs are interpreting it in two very different ways. According to these fans, “Dynamite (Bedroom)” will either put you to bed…

…or take you to bed. There is no in between!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

1. It’s perfect for study buddies…

2. …or not.

3. Bring on the edits…

4. …and TikToks?

Note to self: stay away from TikTok for the next 72 hours, minimum…

…and also Twitter.

5. These lyrics will never be the same again

6. You’re under arrest!

7. Two options:

8. Expectation vs Reality

9. There’s a 99.9999% chance that everyone at Big Hit Entertainment is regretting their decision…

10. …and I mean everyone.

11. The dictionary just said, “stay out of your imagination, it’s not good there”.