15+ Most Relatable Fan Reactions To BTS’s “Dynamite” Performance At The GRAMMY Awards

They made fans proud!

BTS keeps on making history! Though they didn’t win their GRAMMY nomination, they still set the night alight with their performance.

They had their first ever solo stage in the award show with their chart-topping song “Dynamite.” As expected, ARMYs loved every bit of it! Check out some of their best reactions below.

1. BTS made fans proud.

2. They’re singers, alright.

3. Jungkook’s their main vocalist for a reason!

4. It’s V’s live vocals, everyone.

5. Worldwide handsome Jin is in the house!

6. Two words: High. Quality.

7. They were literally on a rooftop.

8. Simply gorgeous.

9. We got an OT7 performance!

10. Suga dancing is everything.

11. Jimin attracts everyone’s gaze.

12. They’re on another level.

13. They’re legendary.

14. They keep surprising fans!

15. Their talent is undeniable.

16. BTS is one in a million.

17. They’re the true winners!

It was an unforgettable experience for everyone!

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