8 Reasons Why BTS’s “Dynamite” Deserved To Win The GRAMMY

Numbers don’t lie.

This year, BTS was nominated for their first GRAMMY Award: “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” for “Dynamite”. The award went to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande for their collaboration “Rain On Me”, but although “Rain On Me” is a fantastic bop, many fans and critics feel that “Dynamite” should have taken home the prize. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. The performances

For fans, one of the most frustrating things about the GRAMMY Awards is a lack of transparency about the criteria. If judging by performances alone, it’s easy to see why “Dynamite” had a shot at winning the prize. On the technical side, BTS’s choreography is the result of years of dance training by professional dancers; it’s polished, in sync, and entertaining.

BTS at Incheon Airport | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Each time BTS performs “Dynamite”, they aim to take it to the next level — literally! BTS’s rooftop performance was the pinnacle of this, but they also blew fans away with their performances at Incheon International Airport and at Everland amusement park.

BTS performing for the GRAMMY Awards. | Big Hit Entertainment

2. The impact

“Dynamite” became the anthem of 2020, a spark of light in the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic. It skyrocketed BTS to a higher level of fame globally and left a lasting impact on the music industry by topping music charts and selling millions of units.

3. Spotify streams

It is unclear how much of a role statistics play in the Recording Academy‘s decisions, but if the award for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” was decided by numbers alone, there is no doubt that “Dynamite” would have won. On Spotify, “Dynamite” racked up well over 725 million streams leading up to the GRAMMY Awards, while “Rain On Me” accumulated around 541 million.

4. YouTube views

In addition to having the highest number of streams among the nominees, BTS ruled YouTube views. At the time this article was written, “Dynamite” MV had 919,709,441 views.

“Rain On Me” MV had 291,059,684 views.

5. Billboard’s “Hot 100” Chart

Leading up to the GRAMMY Awards, “Dynamite” had peaked at No.1 for three weeks and charted for 27 weeks (and counting). “Rain On Me” charted for 20 weeks and peaked at No.1 for one week.

6. Number of No.1s on iTunes

Out of all the nominees, BTS had the most number of No.1s on iTunes leading up to the GRAMMYs, 111. “Rain On Me” had 64, the second-highest.

7. Number of units sold in the US

“Dynamite” sold an estimated amount of 3 million units in the US, while “Rain On Me” sold an estimated 2 million.

8. Number of awards won

Perhaps the most shocking comparison between GRAMMY-winner “Rain On Me” and GRAMMY-nominee “Dynamite” is the number of times each song was recognized with awards. Prior to the GRAMMYs, “Rain On Me” had won 6 awards while “Dynamite” had won 52.

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