10+ Times BTS Were Really Bad At Things They’re Usually Really Good At

BTS are usually pros at these things. Keyword: usually.

BTS‘s multi-talented members perform their skills at the top level, but sometimes even pros mess up. Here are 10+ times BTS made cute mistakes while doing things they’re normally great at.


1. Jungkook is known for his athleticism and coordination, but he just wasn’t having any luck in this ball game


2. Jimin is a dance master, but sometimes he gets a little flustered and forgets the choreography during variety shows


3. Dance genius J-Hope may not forget the steps, but every once in a while those steps get the best of him by sending his shoes flying!


4. RM is a pro at English, but when he gets nervous he does forget to speak it during acceptance speeches. That’s okay, though!


5. Suga once paused on purpose to prove BTS doesn’t lip sync, but this skilled rapper also forgot the lyrics to “Ma City” entirely by accident


6. Everyone knows V can play the saxophone, but after 7 years of not playing it at all, well, he was a little rusty!


7. Jin, BTS’s most extra extrovert, has an outrageous amount of confidence, but even he has his shy moments!


8. This main vocal doesn’t usually crack, but when he does…


9. …he drags Jimin down with him!


10. Suga isn’t the only pro rapper who forgets his lyrics but, to be fair, ARMY can be very distracting!


11. Jin is fantastic at keeping his temper, but when RM didn’t appreciate his Christmas gift, Jin let it all out!


12. The “Muscle Pig” is as strong as he is talented, but even he has his limits!


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