28 Pictures That Prove BTS Have Been Every Color Of The Rainbow

BTS has rocked every color of the rainbow.

BTS have dyed their hair every color possible. They’ve managed to rock every color on the rainbow and these pictures prove that.

#1 – Red

All of BTS have sported the red hair in the past.

#2 – Orange 

Most of BTS have dabbled in orange hair with the exception of Jin and RM who have come close with shades of brown and blonde but they’ve never fully committed to the orange look.

#3 – Yellow

All except Jungkook have gone for a yellow shade of blonde in the past. Jungkook seems to prefer darker blonde tones.

#4 – Green

Suga is the only member of BTS to commit to a shade of green in the past. Although did have green highlights in his hair for a while.

#5 – Blue 

The trio of Suga, RM and Jimin have shown their visual prowess with blue in the past.

#6 – Indigo

Indigo and violet are both shades of purple but Indigo is darker. Suga, Jungkook and RM have had purple hair in the past and J-Hope has had purple highlights.

#7 – Violet

Once his purple hair started to fade, RM had a violet hair color.

There you have it, BTS has been the full spectrum of the rainbow.