Mwave Announces The Winners Of Their “K-Pop Avengers Of 2018” Polls

The results are in!

It’s the end of 2018, and that means Mwave‘s VOTE&RANK recap here. Over the past year, 3,265,273 fans’ votes were cast to determine Mwave’s team of “K-Pop Avengers” through six intense poll battles. The tallies are in, and these are the results!


1. Best Leader: BTS’s RM (121,193 out of 229,267 votes)


2. Best Producer: BTS’s Suga (131,021 out of 183,497 votes)


3. Best Main Vocalist: EXO’s Baekhyun (127,814 out of 193,746 votes)


4. Best Rapper: BTS’s J-Hope (146,080 out of 214,570 votes)


5. Best Dancer: EXO’s Kai (606,538 out of 1,265,836 votes)


6. Best Maknae: EXO’s Sehun (563,030 out of 1,178,357 votes)


Who will the 2019 K-Pop Avengers be?