10 Times BTS’s Expensive Tastes Made Everybody Feel Poor

These moments will make ARMYs scream “too expensive”!

Fans often forget that BTS is made up of millionaires because the members are still as humble now as they were back in their debut days. That said, every once in a while the members do, say, or wear something that makes ARMY scream, “too expensive”!


1. When J-Hope casually tossed Jimin’s $19,000 jacket on the floor


2. When RM showed fans his favorite coffee table

George Nakashima furniture typically sells for over $20,000…minimum.


3. When Jimin put his feet up on that coffee table


4. When Jungkook, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope all bought million dollar apartments…


5. …in cash


6. When Jin bought another million dollar apartment…


7. …in cash!


8. When Jimin dropped J-Hope’s birthday cake on Suga’s “expensive bag”

If Jimin thinks it’s expensive, we don’t even want to know what it cost!


9. When RM wore a watch that costs more than a brand new car


10. You like this chain? $3000.