BTS Explains The Hidden Gems Found In “FAKE LOVE” M/V

BTS explains the meaning behind their individual scenes!

BTS revealed a clip of their music video shooting for “Fake Love” where they explain some of the hidden details in each of their scenes. Each individual scene apparently portrays some aspect of the BTS member that you may not have noticed before!


1. RM’s scene portrays confusion

“In my scene, I converse with myself in the reflection of the mirror and at times become the reflection. I think my character portrays the materialization of confusion.” ㅡ RM


2. J-Hope’s scene is spread out with chocolate bars for his love of sweets

“They’ve spread out lots of chocolate bars since I love sweets.” ㅡ J-Hope


3. V’s scene shows V in shock after his phone turns to dust

“In my scene, you’ll see my look of shock after I turn on the phone to make a phone call and it turns to dust.” ㅡ V


4. Jimin’s scene was filmed at the same place in “I Need U” where he faced his trauma

“This is the space I used since ‘I Need U’. I’ll be showing you myself facing my trauma.” ㅡ Jimin


Watch the full clip below!