9 Random BTS Facts RM Revealed At Fan Signs

RM answered fans burning questions via Post-It notes.

Plenty of BTS facts are floating around the Google-verse, but the best source of information is BTS themselves! Here are 9 random facts shared by RM at fan signs.

1. RM wants to be reborn as Beyonce

Who doesn’t?

2. V would die first in a zombie attack

3. These are BTS’s Hogwarts houses

4. Jimin ranks #1 in cuteness, generosity, softness, and helping others

5. RM’s favorite word in 2016 was “love”

6. Jimin’s true self?

7. Jimin has improved the most

8. ARMY’s love keeps RM going

9. Who looks more like a kid: Suga or Jimin?

Answer: Jimin. RM seems to get a lot of questions about him!