BTS Releases “FAKE LOVE” Temporary Tattoo Collection With Inkbox

They even come with limited edition prints!

BIGHIT MUSIC recently released a new BTS-inspired temporary tattoo collection in collaboration with Inkbox. This time, it’s specifically inspired by the group’s hit song “FAKE LOVE” from their third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear. 

Every purchase of a BTS “FAKE LOVE” tattoo from Inkbox automatically comes with 1 of 3 special edition prints. Another bonus is that it arrives in special custom BTS-themed packaging too!

If that’s not enough to make you fall in love with the collection, all tattoos are skin-safe, waterproof, cruelty-free, vegan, easy to apply, and lasts 1-2 weeks! What more could you ask for?

The collection features 11 designs inspired by BTS’s sentimental track “FAKE LOVE.” Here are all of the tattoos you can buy:

1. Save Me

One of the most iconic and most economical ones of the collection is “Save Me” for $16 USD.

2. Hold On

This uniquely designed tattoo is $22 USD.

3. Single Key

This tattoo costs $16 USD too.

4. Crossed Keys

If you want a larger tattoo, this one is $22 USD.

5. Flower Buds

These best buds are $18 USD.

6. FAKE LOVE Banner

If you want a recognizable BTS tattoo, the “FAKE LOVE” banner costs $22 USD.

7. Flower Leaves

This minimalistic tattoo costs $20 USD.

8. Twisted Key

Also, for $20 USD is this beautifully designed key.

9. Blooming Flower

This blooming flower costs $20 USD.

10. Single Flower

This flower is also $20 USD.

11. Ornate Mask

Another iconic element from “FAKE LOVE” is this mask. Its tattoo is $20 USD.

While each tattoo ranges in price from $16 to $22 USD, you can buy a set of some of your favorite designs for $40 USD or a whole set for $100 USD.

This design is only available for a limited time as Inkbox releases new designs each month. Check out some of their previous BTS-inspired collections below:

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Source: Inkbox