7 BTS Fake News Articles That We Really Wish Were True 

Read all about President Namjoon, CEO Seokjin, and more.

For BTS, the sky is the limit. In just seven years, they have broken records, outsold top artists, changed the face of music, and inspired millions of people. These fake news stories might seem preposterous right now, but who knows? In the future, they might come true!

1. President Kim Namjoon Welcomes ARMY To Namkanda

On October 14, President Kim Namjoon (RM of BTS) announced an open door policy for all ARMYs immigrating to Namkanda. The country, founded in 2018, currently has a population of 23.9 million.

Upon arrival, ARMYs will receive a welcome package that includes free housing, tour tickets, and a detailed guide for all the attractions this “Land of BTS” has to offer.

At their welcome ceremony, new citizens will be sworn in with the following oath. A meet and greet with President Kim and his council (his members) will take place afterward.

2. CEO Kim Seokjin Announces Plans To Debut “WWH”

CEO Kim Seokjin (Jin) officially announced Jin Hit Entertainment (a subsidiary of Big Hit Labels) just yesterday, but he is already planning to launch his first boy group! WWH, short for World Wide Handsome, will debut later this month.

“We have no trainees and no money,” CEO Kim said, at a press conference. “but we have me.”

3. Suga Wins “Producer Award” For 5th Year In a Row

Suga was first recognized for his production skills at the 2017 Melon Music Awards. He and Suran took home the “hot trend” award for Suran’s song “Wine”.

In 2021, Suga won his first “Producer Award” at the Seoul Music Awards (SMA) for his 2020 mixtape, AGUST D: II. Since then, Suga has won the SMA “Producer Award” four years in a row! He is currently in talks with Jin to produce the debut album for WWH.

4. J-Hope’s “Hope For The World” Charity Launches Singing Telegram Service

J-Hope, founder of Hope For the World, has announced an exciting new service: the singing telegram. In addition to the charity’s current list of “sunshine services”, fans in need of cheering up can now text the Hope Hotline to receive a singing telegram at their door. Telegram singers will serenade customers with a BTS song of their choice, and offer hugs free of charge, but wait, there’s more!

J-Hope himself will be participating! During BTS’s world tour, J-Hope will randomly appear as a singing telegram in each of the countries BTS visits. A busy schedule isn’t stopping J-Hope from making ARMY smile!

5. Jimin Reveals Plans To Launch His Own Dance Company, CSL

World-famous dancer BTS’s Jimin has revealed his plans to launch CSL Dance Company (Cutie Sexy Lovely Dance Company) later this year. This contemporary dance school will teach aspiring dancers of all skill levels a variety of styles and techniques.

Between tours, Jimin hopes to personally teach some of CSL’s classes, which will be streamed online for international students. Whether you’re hoping to go pro, or just looking to have fun, CSL is the place to be!

6. V’s “Vante Art Gallery” Is Officially Open To The Public

V‘s long-awaited Vante Art Gallery is now open! Here fans can see V’s paintings, photography, custom fashion designs, and more. The gallery also provides exhibit spaces to new artists seeking to make their mark on the art world.

Depending on when you visit, you may run into V himself and his favorite muse, Yeontan!

7. BTS’s Golden Maknae Wins 10 Gold Medals At The Olympics

Jungkook is taking the sports world by storm once again! Earlier this year, Jungkook made headlines when he won gold for the Middleweight division at the AIBA World Boxing Championships.

Now, he is sweeping the Summer Olympics by winning gold medals for men’s archery, Taekwondo, track and field, and wrestling — to name a few! When asked what’s next, the Golden Maknae simply said, “I’ll try the Winter Olympics, if there’s time. Right now we’re busy preparing our next album. Let’s get it!”