10+ BTS Fan Edits That Predicted The Future By Becoming Reality

These fan edits aren’t fiction anymore.

Many ARMYs use their digital editing skills to bring their BTS ideas to life. Sometimes though, these fan edits really do end up becoming reality! Here are 10+ fan edits that predicted the future.


1. President Namjoon

RM has earned the nickname “president” by embodying the leadership skills and personality qualities that fans consider president-worthy. Many President Namjoon edits show him in a suit, giving a speech at a podium.

These edits came to life when RM gave his famous “Speak Yourself” speech for UNICEF at the United Nations.


2. Jungkook’s abs

In 2013, Jungkook flashed his abs for “No More Dream”, but after that Jungkook’s abs were more or less on lockdown until 2018. So, some fans decided to bring Jungkook’s abs back via fan edits.

Then “FAKE LOVE” happened. Thanks to its choreography, Jungkook’s real abs are here to stay!


3. Jin’s purple hair

Fans predicted Jin‘s recent dye job long before it happened. In the original photo below, Jin’s hair is pink not purple.

Now that Jin’s hair is purple for real, it’s hard to know which purple Jin photos are real and which are fake!


4. V’s blue hair

Jin isn’t the only one whose fake dye job became real. supposedly dyed his hair bright blue…

…after seeing fan edits like this one!


5. Jungkook and Ariana Grande

Fans love editing their fave stars together, even stars who haven’t met in real life. When this photo first came out, many fans thought it was a skillful edit, but it’s 100% real! Jungkook and Ariana Grande took this selfie backstage at her show.

Before these stars met, some fans created edits of them together. After they met, fans made even more edits, because why not?


6. All black hair

In 2018, there were so many black haired BTS edits like this one that many fans didn’t believe a real photo, at first.

All the members dyed their hair black for their Love Yourself: Tear comeback.


7. Beardtan

Welcome, first time with Beardtan? This hairy meme took the internet by storm on April Fool’s Day in 2018.

BTS haven’t grown beards for real yet, but in May 2019, Jungkook had a ton of adding facial hair (and about 15 years) to his members, using an app.


8. Jungkook’s red hair

Jungkook is yet another member who brought fan-edited hair to life!

When he went red, many fans couldn’t believe their eyes. He rarely dyes his hair unnatural colors, and it had been four years since he dyed it red!


9. Flower crown edits

Flower crown edits have been around since the dawn of Tumblr. Fans from many different fandoms love crowning their faves with flowers, and BTS is no exception.

Many BTS flower crown edits have come to life, thanks to fansigns!


10. Min Yoonji

Fans have been editing “girl versions” of BTS members for ages, including Suga.

Little did they know that Suga’s female alter ego, Min Yoonji, would be born!


11. Bandana Bangtan

Years ago, a fan edited BTS with Suga “N.O” era hair and bandana.

Although BTS haven’t replicated Suga’s exact look, several of the members have worn similar bandanas since then.