10+ Lucky BTS Fans Who Got The Best Fanservice Ever

These moments might make you a little jealous.

Meeting BTS in person is nearly impossible these days, so it’s no wonder why these lucky BTS fans are the envy of ARMYs everywhere!


1. The kids who met BTS on Good Morning America


2. The fan who touched the face of an angel


3. This girl who compared hand sizes with Jimin


4. The fan Jin “attacked”


5. Everyone who witnessed RM’s shy aegyo in person


6. The fan Jimin gave flowers to, proposal style


7. The fan J-Hope gave his heart to


8. The toddler who has no idea how lucky she is


9. The “I will sue you” fangirl, who bantered with Suga. She earned herself a place in the ARMY hall of fame!


10. The fan who had their face cupped by V while he was wearing this adorable headband


11. Whoever was standing in front of Jimin when he did this


12. This fan who received a rare hug from Jungkook — in front of all his other fans


13. The girl who had hair V couldn’t resist playing with


14. The fan who arm wrestled Jungkook