15+ Of The Best BTS #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords Tweets

BTS fans put their own spin on this top trending hashtag.

ARMYs love adding Bangtan style to top trending hashtags like #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords. Here are some of the best BTS ones so far!


1. “Do you know BTS?”


2. “I have barricade tickets”


3. “Come be my teacher”


4. “BTS followed you back”


5. “I finished my mixtape”


6. “Jungkook with long hair”


7. “Yoongi is on Weverse”


8. “I’m a good boy”


9. “I’m a Bad Guy”


10. “Train to Busan Pt.2”


11. “Let’s watch Jimin fancam”


12. “BTS will be there”


13. “I am your Hope”


14. “Flower flower flower flower”


15. “Namjoon in gray sweatpants”


16. “You nice, keep going”


17. “Strong power, thank you”

18. “Want a BTS album?”