10+ Inside Jokes That Only BTS Fans Will Understand

“You like this chain? Three dollars.” – Suga

BTS have inspired a lot of meme-worthy content over the years, and many of those moments have become inside jokes that only ARMY will understand.


1. Welcome. First time with BTS?

This introductory line from “DOPE” has been memed and parodied, even by the members themselves.



Suga turned J-Hope‘s name into a classical meme, by saying it repeatedly during BTS reaction video. Now the members often say, “J-HOOOPE!” whenever he appears on videos.


3. “I know her face, but I don’t know her name.”

Jungkook said this iconic line to dodge the celebrity question BTS is often asked during interviews.


4. “I will sue Min Yoongi!”

A fangirl became legendary in the BTS fandom after “threatening” to sue Suga for being criminally attractive. If she ever did carry out her threat to take legal action it would definitely become a class action lawsuit, because every ARMY has the same complaint!


5. “Excuse me!”

Back in BTS’s rookie days, Jimin said these words in the cutest way. How could ARMY not meme it?


6. Jungshook

Jungkook’s tendency to stare blankly into space has given ARMYs the legendary “Jungshook” joke. Synonyms include: “Jungkook.exe has stopped working”.


7. “Hey, stob it!”

Nope, that’s not a typo. That’s Jin-speak. Jin said this while teasing Jimin during a live broadcast, and now it’s become a running joke.


8. “What’s tasty in Busan?”

To this day, the answer to this question remains a mystery, but that might be a good thing. Many ARMYs suspect that Jungkook whispered a dirty response to J-Hope when J-Hope asked this question at a fan meeting.


9. “You like this chain? Three dollars.”

Suga always had swag, even in his debut days. On American Hustle Life he used this pick-up line while practicing the art of flirting with his hip-hop coach. The joke is even funnier now than it was back then, considering how wealthy BTS are now!



Jungkook imitated the sound of a doorbell during a live broadcast, and ARMYs love it.


11. “Sexy pornstar”

A little mispronunciation led to a huge joke when tried to talk about his career choices. He meant to say “saxophonist”, but that’s not what it sounded like!


12. No jams

If there’s one inside joke that started it all, it’s this one. During a plane ride to Los Angelos, RM told Jimin, “Jimin, you got no jams.”

It should be noted that Jimin successfully refuted this claim in this hilarious “Bangtan Bomb”.