BTS Fans Trend #WeThankYouTaehyung In Celebration Of An Important Anniversary For V

He coined a phrase that is still used by fans to this day.

4 years ago today, BTS member V coined a new term for fans of the group that became a much bigger deal than he ever anticipated.

Most fans should already know the phrase “I purple you” or “borahae“, which he came up with during BTS Muster in 2016.

In order to explain the meaning behind this phrase, this is how V described why he came up with it: “Purple is the last color of the rainbow, so it means I will trust and love you for a very long time.

In this way, the words “I purple you” have come to represent the intense love and appreciation that ARMYs and BTS feel for each other.

In order to celebrate this important 4th anniversary of the creation of this phrase, fans have taken to social media to trend #WeThankYouTaehyung and #IPurpleYouDay! Here are 13 tweets from fans showing their love and spreading the color purple as far as it can go.

1. It means so much to so many fans.

2. He really changed the meaning of the word.

3. It’s a phrase that any fan, international or not, can appreciate and use.

4. It’s amazing to think he just made it up!

5. Just look at all of that purple!

6. The way he looks at ARMYs really expresses the phrase well.

7. Where would we be without this phrase?

8. BTS is never afraid to show their love for ARMYs!

9. It’s just an everyday part of BTS’s and ARMYs’ vocabulary at this point!

10. It’s amazing how far it has spread.

11. “I purple you” can be found in so many places now!

12. Who else could give a simple word a whole new, important meaning?

13. This is the power of V and ARMYs!