BTS Releases New 20/21 Photo Collection For 2021 FESTA

Take a trip to the past with these 25 new photos.

Once again, BTS is celebrating their June 13, 2013 debut with two weeks of fun festivities. From June 2 to June 13, fans are spoiled with new content, including new videos, songs, and photos. Check out the new “BTS PHOTO COLLECTION 20/21!”

1. “Life Goes On”

BTS’s 20/21 photo collection is taking us back in time to one of the most challenging years in recent memory, 2020. Rather than focusing on the negative things, BTS looked forward to life after COVID-19 with their 2020 album BE and its track “Life Goes On.”


2. Bringing back 2013

At last year’s FESTA, BTS wore jerseys very similar to the ones they wore to promote their debut song “No More Dream.”

3. “Black Swan”

This song and its beautiful ballet-inspired choreography showed just how versatile BTS’s performances are.

4. Shining for ARMY

Right now, BTS and ARMY still can’t be together in person, but they’re always together in spirit. The staff lit up this venue with lightsticks to represent BTS’s fans in the audience.

5. Dapper gentlemen

They’ve got the looks, the talent, and the style! Fashion kings? We know it.

6. YOUniverse

BTS put all their passion and joy into each virtual show they performed for ARMYs in 2020 and 2021.

7. Born singers

Despite the difficulties they faced during the pandemic, BTS is proving they are Born To Shine!

8. Season’s Greetings

In this year’s Season’s Greetings package, BTS went retro with fun looks from the past.

9. Map of the Soul: 7

Last year was all about the number seven for BTS, who celebrated their seven years together as seven members.

10. Dance kings

BTS’s behind the scene videos and photos show how hard they work on every performance.

11. Sing for you

Nothing brings ARMYs more joy than a new performance from the one and only BTS!

12. From rookies to superstars

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that these chic stars began as rookies rocking knock-off brands and hip-hop jerseys. Talk about a glow-up!

13. Going places?

Yes! For BTS, the sky’s the limit.

14. Light it up

“Dynamite” ushered in a new era for BTS that brought international acclaim and a well-deserved GRAMMY nomination.

15. Bring the pain “ON”

BTS made waves when they released their cinematic, dystopian-style music video for “ON” last year.

16. To new heights!

This year, BTS blew everyone away when they performed “Dynamite” on a rooftop for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards.

17. Dance practice

Teamwork makes the dream work!

18. Together, always.

Through thick and thin, it’s OT7 to the end!

19. Surprise!

For the first time in months, ARMYs were able to see BTS in person at their pop-up store, MAP OF THE SOUL: Showcase in Seoul. BTS dropped by for a surprise visit last October.

20. Winter Package

Winter blues? Not with these snow angels around!

21. “HOME” is where the heart is.

Staying inside doesn’t have to be boring. Grab some snacks, switch on your ARMY bomb, and spend some time with BTS!

22. Snack time

Last September, BTS brought chaotic fun with their performance of “HOME” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

23. Retro rollers

BTS also performed “Dynamite” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as part of their week-long special.

24. The kings have arrived

BTS performed “Mikrokosmos” at a beautiful palace, Gyeongbokgung.

25. Stay-cation

Who needs to travel when all your friends are here?

Source: Weverse