10+ Hilarious Reactions To BTS’s FESTA Family Portraits For 2020

Thirst, awkwardness, and straight-up facts. It’s all here.

BTS‘s 2020 family portraits have just been released for FESTA, and fans are loving every single photo. Here are 10+ of ARMY’s funniest reactions so far!

1. Access denied

2. Yet another job for ARMYs to apply for

3. I didn’t get an invitation to this wedding, and yes, I’m upset.

4. He can, and he might

5. It’s a hard lesson to learn

6. Somebody, please tell them!

7. Only the facts

8. The real baby boss

9. The stylist’s inspiration

10. Good question. Unfortunately, there’s no answer.

11. Normal? What is “normal”?

12.Β Finally!

13. *yeets phone out a window*

14. …but most importantly, he a snacc