BTS’s “Film Out” MV: 9 Burning Questions We Need Answered ASAP

We NEED to know.

BTS‘s new “Film out” MV is full of references and clues that are leaving fans with more questions than answers. Here are 9 burning questions we want answered ASAP!

1. How many parallel universes are there?

In BTS’s past music videos, the Save Me webtoon, the BTS Universe Story game, The Notes 1 and The Notes 2, Jin is a time traveler who goes back in time to save his friends. By doing this, Jin creates alternate realities.

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After his members disappear right before his eyes, Jin tries to escape through a door, but there’s no way out. He is surrounded by many other doors that could lead to all the other parallel worlds BTS exists in.

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2. Why is the rest of BTS missing from Jin’s reality?

“Film out” MV could be a continuation of the BTS Universe that began in the HYYH era back in 2015. In this video, Jin is alone in his own reality, looking in at another version of himself and his members.

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Could this mean that he failed to save them again? What if, in his reality, they never existed in the first place?

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3. Is the “Jin” in BTS’s reality an imposter?

If you look closely, you’ll see that Jin’s face is never shown when he is in the same room as SugaJ-HopeRMJiminV, and Jungkook.

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In one scene, Jin is even played by a body double. The choice to hide Jin’s face could have been made out of necessity, to allow for this body double when two Jins appear in the same frame, but what if there’s more to it?

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What if the “real” Jin has been replaced by a false Jin from another reality? What if the rest of BTS is yearning for the original Jin, who no longer exists in their world?

You, in my imagination, are so vivid, as if you are right there,

but I reach out my hand, and you suddenly disappear

From all the memories stored in my heart,

I gather up the ones of you, link them together.

— “Film out” lyrics, English translation

4. Can RM see Jin?

During RM’s verse, he says, “Two glasses placed side by side, their role / Never fulfilled, just as thеy were / Since you last touchеd them.” 

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The “glasses” in question could be the twin hourglasses that exist in both realities. The hourglasses are never filled, always running out of time. RM looks in the direction of the hourglass in his reality, then walks over to the sofa.

Before joining Jungkook, V, and J-Hope, RM briefly looks in Jin’s direction. Did he see him or not?

5. Why can Jungkook “sense” Jin across dimensions?

According to fan theories from previous music videos like “FAKE LOVE” MV, Jungkook might be one of Jin’s successors. This could be why Jungkook doesn’t seem to see or “sense” Jin until Jin picks up an hourglass. After Jin picks it up, Jungkook looks down at his own hourglass, which has run out.

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6. Who turned back time?

Jin is the obvious answer, but perhaps not the only one. Jin holds up a full hourglass, but after Jungkook sees it (and the empty hourglass in his world), the full hourglass disappears from Jin’s right hand.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

Jungkook is looking directly at Jin as he fades away. As soon as he’s gone, the hourglass reverses.

Jin looks almost surprised when he looked back over his shoulder at the hourglass. Could this mean that he wasn’t expecting it? If so, does that mean Jungkook is responsible for turning back the clock this time?

7. What roles do Suga and J-Hope play?

Suga and J-Hope seem to exist at a crossroads between Jin’s solo reality and BTS’s group reality, in a dreamscape. The doorframe between them resembles the one from BTS’s room. Do Suga and J-Hope exist in their own reality? Why are they the only ones there?

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In some ways, Suga and J-Hope seem like narrators or gatekeepers who are outside of the situation, retelling the story. Their pose here looks very similar to…

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

…Jin and V’s when they come face to face at the end of the video.

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8. Is V a time traveler?

At the end of the video, V comes face to face with Jin in the window. Like Jungkook, V fans suspect that V has time travel abilities as well as precognition. His dreams predicted events in the Save Me webtoon. After V sees Jin, Jin disappears. Could this mean Jin has passed on his mission of saving BTS to V?

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9. Will BTS ever get a happy ending?

BTS’s fictional counterparts have been through a lot, and just when it looks like they might finally get a happy ending, the loop starts all over again. When will it end?

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